Monday, August 24, 2009

A little Time in the Shop

Last week was spent in the shop working on a couple of Mahogany End Tables and six wood cutting boards. I made the projects to be auctioned at a fund raising auction for a friend who has had some pretty bad health care issues lately. Everything turned out great, well all but the buying of my items. The auctioneer started the event by auctioning off my items, actually before many of us knew he was starting. By the time I made it over to that area the items had already sold, and for a little under what I thought they should bring but I guess you can't control that. My mom was actually the highest bidder on the end tables so they stayed in the family. I don't know if she actually wants them so they may be for sale soon. The auction was an amazing site, it was in my hometown of Smithville and I would guess the attendance at well over 2000 people. It was really neat to see how the small town stepped up to support one of their own.

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