Monday, August 17, 2009

Eames Lounge Chair _ Cushions Finally in the Works.

As long time readers know I've been on the hunt for cushions for my Eames Lounge Chair for some time now. I picked up the chair back in March off of Craigslist, it is missing the seat and ottoman cushion. Jessica and I have been waiting till we saved up the funds to do the chair right. Well I've gone through all of the options available and we are finally going to be having the cushions remade by Hume Modern, they weren't the cheapest option but pretty close and they have all the other various pieces the chair is missing. They are going to replace the side shockmounts which are in need of repair and are the one part of the chair that eventually fails overtime. In hindsight we could have bought a new Eames Lounge Chair with my designer discount for about the same price. I feel better that we are bringing one back from the dead and the chair will look like new once I put it back together, one bonus is the vintage chairs hold their value much better on the off chance we would ever sell it. I'll be blogging about the process of restoration. We are hoping everything gets done before the homes tour in September. Wish us Luck.


LD said...

How exciting!!!! We just saw an Eames lounge chair at Retro Inferno without cushions. It was tempting. I am looking forward to reading about your journey.

Fein1 said...

I recently had a set of cushions done by Alfie Hume. I would recomend them. The cushions are of a much higher quality than the new Herman miller junk.

Good luck