Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eames Storage Unit

Exciting news on the Record Storage I built for Rod Parks the owner of Retro Inferno, its in a small pic in this month's issue of Spaces magazine. Barrett has some pictures of the storage unit and as soon as I get them from him I will post some pics of it in action. The last part of my furniture trade with Rod involved a large Eames Storage Unit. I can't say that I would have been able to stomach paying for one of these as they are really really expensive, but it was a lot easier to justify when I was trading some of my sweet equity and not actual cash. The unit is awesome and looking back it is one of the best pieces in the house. It looks cool and is extremely functional and well built.

I finally got the house numbers installed on the house. I put them on a scrap of Teak I had and simply hung them on the brick.
I finally got around to painting out the doors on the closets. I struggled with the idea of painting these for almost two years, I should have just followed my gut from the beginning. Since our house has so much Birch Paneling I always thought adding a strong punch of color would really set off the closets. I went with two colors to tie the house together. The brown is actually the exterior color of the house. The blue picks up the blue of the tile and the blue of the Angela Adams Rug. I really like how the blue pulls together all three levels of the house now, its subtle and I'm probably the only person who will ever notice but I'm really happy we did it.

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m.Nathan J said...

man o man... you guyz rock!
i love it all! great great job.