Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walnut Bed is done!

I got the bed done last week as promised just in time for the scout for Better Homes and Gardens to come by and look at the house. She liked it and they snapped about 30 pictures of the place to show to the editors. I don't know when I will know something about if they want to shoot the house or not. My friend Bob Greenspan is going to be taking the photos and he said that a local magazine he shoots for is interested as well. So hopefully one of these will pan out and you all can be looking at pictures of the house in a mag. Barrett came over and took some pictures while I had the place cleaned up. Here is a shot of the bed and the nightstand. As you can tell it didn't take Bella long to find her spot and do some power napping.

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moderns-r-us said...

Loce the finished bed!