Monday, June 09, 2008

Our New Herb Garden

Its been a while since I updated anything. I wish I could say I've done all kinds of really cool projects to the house in the past month but the reality is I've been kind of slacking. Through in a lot of mowing mix in an out of town wedding and some beer drinking and you end up with a month of not a lot of progress. I've made a lot of good contacts for potential projects in the past few weeks so things are good in on that front. We are still very slow at work so I don't know whats going to happen in that department, I think a lot of people are slow its just the economy. Anyway this past weekend Jessica had me help get her an area to have a little herb garden. We had the perfect area right outside our kitchen door. I had to remove the river rock we put in when we were doing the patio. I never really planned on keeping the rock there it was convenient at the time.

So a little shoveling and about 6 wheelbarrels of rock later.

We were down to bare dirt. We needed to add a little good topsoil so off to Lowes we went. Three bags of Miracle grow garden soil later we had enough dirt. I must say that Miracle grow stuff is expensive but if you like your plants to grow crazy fast its money well spent. We took a trip to Family Tree Nursery to stock up on some herb's. So I think the herb run down is chives, oregano, basil, rosemary, cilantro, mojito mint, and dill. Couple bags of black mulch to top it all off and here is our little herb garden.

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Jayhawkjess said...

You forgot the parsley, poor parsley!