Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a difference a year makes.


This is the same area taken this morning May 21, 2008. I just got done putting down about 3 yards of mulch but I didn't have time to clean the concrete. Its amazing how quick some plants grow. That red twig dogwood is taking over and we even trimmed a few feet off of it last year.

A shot of the Bamboo, its hard to see many of the new taller stalks they havn't fully leafed out yet. Try taking a look at the picture a little large. The tallest stalk is about 5'6" I was hoping to reach the six foot mark this year but we came up a little short. It did spread like crazy I'm guessing we have 40 new stalks this year. Next year we should really take off. In a few years we probably won't be able to see the white house next door.

We decided to give Horsetail Reed a try this year in screening out the pool pumps. Its supposedly evergreen and a perenial so hopefully it will survive the winter in the pot. Its really cool almost like bamboo without leaves. It should spread to fill the planter really quick and get 3'-4' tall in no time.

We got the CB2 planters set up on the corner of the patio. We went with castor bean plants in the pots, they have very nice large tropical leaf and grow very quickly. Those should get to be pretty tall by the end of the summer. They are one of the most poisonous plants out there so no matter what I tell you don't eat any part of the plants. If I could grow grass as well as every other plant we would have it made.
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Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Love the patio! I'm thinking about planting some bamboo in my home in Ohio. I'm interested in how your bamboo and horsetail reed survive the winter.

jerad said...

The bamboo had a little bit of leaf loss, but it came back strong after a cold long winter here. I just got the horsetail reed so I don't know how it will do over the winter yet.