Monday, June 23, 2008

Design Snob

I turned the ripe old age of 27 today, this past weekend we cashed in some of our trade with Retro Inferno. If you remember I built some Record storage book cases for Rod about 5 months ago, I'm trying to get in to his place to get some photos of it all set up I'll post them when I do. Well as part of our trade I got to pick out some stuff from his store and let me tell you shopping there on credit is an awesome time and Rod and his staff are very friendly and let us try out a few things that didn't look quite right in our house. First up is a shot of Bella on our new Eames Aluminum Group office chair, she took a liking to the chair immediately and I'm pretty sure she claimed it for herself. Over the past few months Bella has become some what of a design snob she only naps in the finest examples of modern furniture.

We also picked up a really nice print, I don't remember the artist but we really like the way it looks in the living room.

We recently picked up a Dux sofa from another furniture seller recently, its very comfy and almost 9' long so you can really stretch out on it. Obviously Bella approves of this selection as well, its her second favorite place to take a nap. On the floor you can see a new Angela Adams rug we picked up from Retro Inferno. It looks really cool I'll try to get a better picture of it soon. We are picking up some other new stuff later this week.

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