Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I want a Wide Angle Camera

Well here is my attempt to photoshop a couple of images together to get a complete shot of my living room. You can see all of the new furniture in place. I'm looking for something to put over in front of the windows that look out to the pool. I don't know what we are going to put there yet. Maybe a cool plant, or a bench. You can see the new Angela Adams rug very clearly in this photo. I recently found out that our rotating walnut coffee table is a Jens Risom design. We are also contemplating trading out the Bertoia Diamond chairs for two red Eames LCW's.
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Unknown said...


You probably don't remember me- I was one of the landscape architect in italy- maiden name "Crockett"...

I think a large plant would look great there! Check out Family Tree Nursery- they have a great selection of house plants.

Also check out CS3- there is a new feature called "auto-align laygers" under edit that will automatically blend multiple images together. Then you can use "auto-blend layers" to blend the light and shadow differences. It's awesome.


Anonymous said...

jerad! this looks gorgeous! love love love the rug. i cant wait to come to another one of your parties and see the place in person.