Monday, June 30, 2008

Bed Progress

Well I enjoyed the unusually cool weather this past weekend and made some serious progress on the bed. I've begun to make a big push to get this and a few other little jobs done I'm hoping to get the house photographed sometime late summer. So here is the base of the bed all assembled it went together extremely well and is rock solid. I may add a few more reinforcements but I'm going to wait till I get the headboard on and see how that stiffens it up. Since its bee so long you have to look back a ways to find the old post of the bed design.

Barrett came over and helped on Sat. and Sun. trying to teach him a thing or two along the way. Sunday we planed down a huge stack of oak I recently got a really cheap deal on craigslist. Of the 20 3"thick 10" wide 8' long boards four of them were white oak(which I plan on using for some outdoor patio furniture this fall) I had a few that were birch, and a bunch that were red oak. So after getting them planed down the next task will be cutting them into the slats that make up the base of the bed.

I'm quite proud of my ingenious little method to hold the frame together, just a simple 1/2" bolt in the corners. It worked really well and is incredibally strong.
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