Thursday, April 10, 2008

Opening Day!

Well I wish I had some progress to report, but I've been worthless lateley. Jessica worked in the yard last weekend getting ready for spring we have a few plants poking through, I think we are about a week away from some good growth. My dad came down and we installed some flashing that I have been putting off for over a year now, nothing major but with the spring rains it was about time. We also tackled reventing the dryer, in my miniture laundry room this is no small feet. So I finished up some deferred maintenance but I didn't get any thing done on the bed and probably won't this weekend either so you will have to stay tuned. I did get a chance to go to opening day this year and check out the K in its half renovated state. As you can see it was a very ugly day, rainy and cold, but we beat the Yankees so who cares about the weather.

Word on the circle is we may be getting some new neighbors in the coming months. I know they read the blog, how weird is that. Well lets hope there aren't any snags and we will be having a welcome to the neighborhood bbq this summer.
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Deanna said...

I know exactly what you mean about dryer vents in very small laundry rooms...

I can't wait to see that bed when you get it done. Walnut is super cool. We'd clad my whole house in it if we had the money!