Friday, April 04, 2008

Recent Aquisitions

I wish I could be posting some amazing progress on the bed. But it would be a lie, as most of you know I'm addicted to craigslist. I check it religiously and buy a lot more stuff then Jessica likes. Its how I've collected the majority of my tools, my lumber and just about everything else in my garage. I think last Friday I got the best value for my money. I responded at the right time to two post, and said I would buy immediately no questions asked. Craigslist if a funny animal I've dealt with a lot of shady and weird people, as well as some really nice honest ones as well. Luckily these sellers were honest, they took my word that I would show up over the weekend a rid them of their merchandise.

First up is a 8' long workbench. Its awesome really sturdy the drawers are all metal and made to take some abuse. The top has been a little abused but it looks to be solid maple. The seller was a great guy moving across the country and didn't have room for this behemoth.

The crown jewel on the bench is this awesome vise. I don't really need it for anything but when does that ever stop you. Its an Emmert Pattern Makers Vise, extremely old and extremely collectible. This thing is built like a tank back when they used hand tools for woodworking. It has a cult following and can easily fetch over $500 on Ebay. Whats so special you ask, well it functions as a normal vise but what you can't see is that the entire vise can be rotated 180 degrees and raised/lowered all while the piece is still clamped in place. I got bench and all for $125.

My other purchase was 8 of these really heavy duty clamps. They are really nice and heavy and after I googled the company that made them I noticed they went out of business in 1928 so these are at least that old and better than any clamp you can buy today. As I was leaving the guy who sold them asked if I would be interested in a Incra Ultra Jig. I said sure, the price was definitely right. So now I have some awesome capabilities with the router table and will be doing dovetails on the bed's nightstands drawers.

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Anonymous said...

Don't click on the above link!!

When I did, my company's antivirus software picked up 3 viruses! We have an insane firewall and antivirus program and I don't know if your personal PC will pick up on it in time.


jerad said...

Sam, thanks for the heads up. I've been getting slammed by those bastards. Luckily I have caught most of them.