Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Quick Update

Well Jessica and I havn't been doing a lot, I have been enjoying having some free time on the weekends and spending a Saturday doing nothing productive. I'm sure many of you are curious, we ended up selecting the Knoll Circa in Charcoal, thanks to everyone who voted. The more and more we thought about it it was probably best to pick a plain fabric as opposed to a pattern. Laura, (please send me a link if you have blog of your own) My kitchen cabinets are Walnut with a pre-catalysed lacquer finish. It's in a hand rubbed finish or satin. The cabinet pulls are by Epco, .

I have our bed somewhat designed and will be starting it this week. I'm pretty excited, I've been building several things for other people but this will be the first piece of furniture I will make for myself. I find myself really enjoying making furniture, I don't know if I could ever do it as a full time job but it is very rewarding. I find that it is so nice to be able to design and build something with no setbacks. I'll post some pics of the bed design this week and I'll try to take pictures throughout the process.

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