Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Help Pick our Upholstery

Well we are going with the Wormley Sofa. Now the question is what fabric. I've assembled a huge collection of fabric samples, with more choices than one should ever have. Jessica and I have pretty much narrowed it down through the process of elimination. A few classic Maharam choices and a couple Classic Knoll choices.

First up is the Eames Large Dot Pattern in Taupe, by Maharam. This is Jessica and I's lead choice, we always thought we wanted a pattern. This might be a little cliche, but we decided we didn't care.

Next up is the Knoll Textile Circa in Brick. Its really a rusty red color and is probably the boldest color we thought about using. It certainly would stand out in our house. I will say Jessica absolutely hates it, but I love it so its still in the mix.

Next up is the Knoll Textile Circa in Charcoal. Its a really nice color and would look very sleak, I don't know how well it will look with the Walnut legs on the sofa.
The last choice is the Eames Small Dot in Sand. This color is really nice, but its probably too small of a scale of a print for the sofa.

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Jess said...

I think I like the first print the best...either that or the charcoal. Nice choices.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course I vote for the Circa by Knoll, but what a classic sofa and it will remain timeless with that as your base and you can do the pattern on pillows as shown or do a side chair in it. It is a huge expense to ever recover your sofa again in the future if you get sick of the overall pattern. Good luck, it will look awesome no matter what!

tessarh said...

knoll charcoal - lovely texture.

.dvin. said...

i like the red one.

Anonymous said...

I like subtle stuff myself. I know you already have it narrowed down, but I thought I might just throw something out.

Hable Construction has a great fabric called Bead.

Laura Bachman said...

Hi Jerad - I stumbled across your blog while researching Mid-century modern homes. I am currently remodeling my own MCM ranch, and love your kitchen cabinetry. What kind of wood and lacquer did you use? Also, I love the modern pulls on the drawers and would love to know where to purchase them. Thanks!

bkroll said...

I think you already know this, but I am not much of a pattern guy. I prefer the solids with a nice texture. So, I vote either the red or the charcoal.