Friday, October 19, 2007

Workbench for under $200

Well I have the workbench nearly completed. I constructed the legs and got them clamped and glued together.
You attach the two sets of legs together with two plywood panels. I drilled pocket holes for screws to attach the top. It was the first time I had used a pocket hole jig and I have to say for a really simple operation it works really nice.
Here is a shot of the new bench sitting on the old bench. I must say those rubbermaid trashcans are quite sturdy. I would guess the bench is close to a hundred pounds.
I don't have the top screwed on yet but you get an idea of what this thing is going to look like. I have a vise on the way, so I should get that installed next week. Eventually I plan on making drawers to fill out the bottom of the bench. I highly recomend this workbench to anyone, its cheap, relatively easy to build, and extremely solid. I only have about 10 hours of work in it so far, 3 sheets of plywood, a quart of wood glue, and a box of screws.
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