Monday, October 29, 2007

I love Craigslist

Many of you know I have a little storage problem in the garage. Well its not really a problem in everyones eyes, for the past six months I've had about 1000 bd.ft. of Walnut sitting on the floor of my garage. Since I have this large woodworking project to complete (more on that in a few days) I figured I needed to get some lumber storage. So I spent last week scowering craigslist for my options, several phonecalls and a lot of internet research later here we go. The picture above was taken a week ago prior to me having any storage, that hunk of crap in the center is the pile of walnut with all kinds of stuff sitting on it.
This is a picture taken saturday afternoon. The shelving is partly up. You can barely see the Cypress siding I have left is on the top shelf.
The shelving fully installed and screwed to the wall.
I managed to get all of the walnut on the shelf. I think its around 2000lb's of wood and stuff on the shelf. I actually might be able to pull a car in the garage now. The best part about the shelves is I got all of it for $90, so if any of you want any its still on craigslist and the guy has a warehouse full.

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