Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Damn You Crate and Barrell

Well I was hoping to report that we ordered our sofa but as you can tell by the title of the post that is not the case. Jessica and I went do order the sofa on Sunday after watching the Chiefs gets their butts kicked. Fabric Swatch and gift card in hand we walked in determined to order our shiny new sofa. I must say that we had previously been to C&B and talked with a furniture sales associate asked all our questions, got a price etc. So we approach a sales associate, he looks confused and flustered that someone actually asked for his help, bad sign number one. Procede to explain what we want to do, first thing out of his mouth is did they tell you how long this would take, yes we were told 12 weeks, oh well I'm afraid its going to be much longer than that, so we brace for impact, you are looking at this being delivered in 6months. So that is hurdle number two, then we say okay lets think about this, after some deliberation we decide to go ahead and have him tell us how much this thing is going to cost. We still aren't sure which price quote we recieved is accurate, but lets just say this one was $400 more than the last one and you could tell by his voice he wasn't even sure he was correct. So we are still debating this so while he runs around trying to find a sales associate to answer our question since he cannot we decide to go sit on the sofa and wait and dream about having this in our living room hopefully by May of 08. We are then approached by the so called C&B expert in custom upholstery and politely told that our fabric selection will look like crap.

Thankfully this Associate new what she was talking about. We are very thankful for her honesty, and knowledge. Its a shame that there is only one person in the department that has a clue, and can answer questions.

So we are back to the drawing board. The Petrie was the number one choice, but the only way we can get it in a reasonable amount of time is to pick one of the stock colors. White or Cocoa, white is not an option though it would look very nice and cocoa clashes with all of our walnut. So the question is stock plus fabric and a 5 month wait for $1350 or keep looking.

So if any of you have any suggestions let us know. We are looking into Room and Board, and the Bantam sofa from DWR. I also have a lead on a Milo Baughman retro sofa that is currently being reupholstered.......so that may be a really nice option. I'll keep you posted.


Mindy Viamontes said...

We have been really happy with our Bantam Sofa from DWR. I have lots of pictures of it on my Flickr page (it is our baby).

tessarh said...

It's true. I ordered a chaise from Crate & Barrel and finally got it 4 months later. The wait was painful, but definitely worth it. The white glove delivery charge, however, was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

the baughman.

steve w

Jess said...

you all need to try craigslist! i found a never used crate and barrel couch for $600. we picked it up the next day! gotta love that.