Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ready for Production

Well I got the garage all cleaned up and ready to start making some furniture. In the past couple of weeks I've wired a subpanel, and added a few new circuits with new outlets so I have all the juice I need for some sawdust making. Here is a shot of the garage all cleaned up and ready to go. You can see the stack of plywood front and center, that should be enough to make all of the Record Storage Units.
The design has changed quite a bit since you guys saw it last. I may still build a unit or two of the other design, especially if any of you want to hire me to do it. The record storage is now going to occur in stacking pieces, just like the Tetris video game. It will be a much more flexible solution that will allow the unit to adapt with changes in location. So the image above shows two versions of the units with records and the image below shows the same units without records. I'm making it out of Baltic Birch plywood with an exposed edge and Walnut backing where needed. Let me know what you guys think.
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Deanna said...

I love to see record collections! I own a Cliff May in P.V. and am also a CAPD grad ('06). I stumbled onto your blog as we are also doing extensive remodeling to our home. I liked seeing your garage redo. We've got to do that in the next few months (just a single garage). We're installing a subpanel and sheet storage which looks like you've got on rollers. Good idea. We'd love to do some furniture making, but we need finished rooms to put some in first!! Good luck with the furniture.