Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Commision; Record Storage

Well thank you all for voting as to what I should tackle next. The bed won hands down, so it looks like I will be starting it soon. I've already got a preliminary design but I'm not comfortable enough with it to put it up for critique. I kind of fell into my first possible furniture commision. While shopping for some furniture at Retro Inferno to use a Wedding gift card, I happen to talk to the owner Rod Parks. He just so happens to need some Vinyl Record storage for his house, we started by talking about trading some Crate and Barrell gift cards for in store credit. Then the more I thought about it I just offered to build them for him. Here are the preliminary designs for the storage units. He wanted something flexible enough so he could rearrange them as his furniture changes in his home (oh the joys of owning a furniture store).

This is the version I like the best. Walnut exterior with a white lacquered interior.

Similar to numero one, just not quite as nice.

He talked about an all white version so I had to show him how much better some Walnut would look.
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