Monday, July 16, 2007

Pics from the April 2007 BBQ

Well I got a little gift in the mail over the weekend. Dan Semar took these pics when he came over for the innagural BBQ, that wide angle lens makes all the difference in the world for our small little house. Here's a pic of the entry, I had to go back and see but its been three months since he took these photos. I didn't realize so much had happened. The garage is painted, the front yard has grass and some landscaping, the back yard has crabgrass and alot of landscaping. I took some current pics over the weekend just to show the difference.

A shot of me in the kitchen preparing the feast.
A close up of the Walnut cabinets and the vinyl collection. Notice the countertop reveal on the left, I'm pretty sure the cabinet maker and my dad thought I was nuts on that one but I think it turned out cool.
A shot of the living room showing our mismash of furniture. The white couch I actually got from my boss, I have no idea who made it but its in great shape for being as old as it is. The two red chairs are Jens Risom for Knoll, a craigslist find locally that turned out to be a pretty good deal, at least as good of a deal as designer furniture can be. Of course you can see the George Nelson Bubble Lamps, I really like them I'm glad we went with them over the Le Klint.

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