Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Current Pictures

Well as promised here are the pictures of how the house looks as of last weekend. The grass is in good shape in the front yard, and as you can see the second Japanese Maple is doing very well. I'm curious where you all think I should mount my house numbers. That's probably a whole other post in itself, but if you have tips let me know.
Here is a couple of shots looking at the backyard. I don't have a fancy wide angle lens, so you guys will have to live with me photoshoping them together. The stuff that resembles grass in the backyard is a fine mixture of %10 grass, %90 weeds. I'm working on fixing that but this isn't exactly the right time of year to try to get grass to grow. You can see some of the landscaping we have put in, the bamboo didn't come in very tall this year but it looks very healthy and I'm expecting some major growth next year. If you see any plants you want to know the name of just ask.
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Mindy Viamontes said...

The house looks great! I love your yellow door. What a difference a few months (and some grass) makes. I would put the house numbers bottom, right aligned, vertically on the plain, front facade of the house. I really like the living room pic with the red knoll chairs and white sofa. I disagree that this is a "mismash" of furniture. I think it shows a lot of character. Congrats on all your hard work.

Jess said...

either where m-squared suggested or at the top left of the white overhang above the front window...might be more "graphic" that way...