Friday, July 27, 2007

A little BBQ

Well we havn't been doing to much to the house lately. We have been really busy trying to get the wedding planned and the reception which alot of you hopefully are attending. Last weekend while we were sitting in the pool on saturday we decided to have a bbq on sunday. So we broke out the smoker and went to work, smoking is really easy to do while your lounging around the pool. So after 8hrs of smoking we ended up with some pretty darn good food.
Barrett and Abby shared in the festivities, I would say you could go read his blog here but he never updates it. We couldn't figure out what to smoke so we smoked everything we wanted. We started with a six pound brisket, rubbed and marinated overnight. Next came six pounds of pork tenderloin stuffed with our own fresh rosemary and alot of garlic. Then for good measure we added a slab of ribs, 8 jumbo prawn shrimp and two chicken breast. Needless to say we ate like kings, and had a lot of leftovers.
I also purchased my wedding band this week. It took me a while to find one that fit my taste, but here it is in all its glory. Apparently I have large fingers so this baby is being shipped from Germany direct from the manufacture. Don't forget to vote in the poll on the sidebar. Right now it looks as if I should share some of the cost with you guys. Where do you want me to start?
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Anonymous said...

wow, i was obviously there on the wrong time!
oh, and i love the band.

Alicia said...

love the ring!