Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hot off the Presses

Well I finally got through making our book on Blurb. Its basically the story of our home remodel. It follows the format of the blog and I used the blog entries as the text. I added several pictures that are not on the blog. So if any of you are so inclined you can now purchase our book from the blurb website. Its 118 pages, and 7" x 7" square......all for the low price of $26.95 for the softcover and $34.95 for the hardcover. Many of you will probably have a chance to take a look at it at the wedding reception in a month.

On another note, I noticed that the voting ended and many of you would like me to share how much our remodel cost. I'll dig out the spreadsheet and post more on that in the upcoming days. I can tell you that if my memory serves me corectly we spent right around $100,000 on all of the improvements. Thats 100k more than we purchased the house for. That includes the interior and exterior improvements and the new garage etc. I'll give a detailed post soon. Make sure to check the sidebar for future polls so you guys can tell me what you want to hear about next.

Oh, and don't forget to vote for us for the remodel blog and win contest. Just click the vote for me button on the right. We have about three weeks remaining in the competition and we are currently in the lead for the peoples choice winner. But you never know how these things could turn out so please vote. Check out there website as well they have many how to videos, I was checking out the ones on wiring the other day studying up for when I finish out the garage.


Grant Alexander said...

Mine's on its way - can't wait to read up...

jerad said...

I'm hoping Oprah catches on and I make the book of the month club. Its this summers best book.