Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Garage is Gone

The garage is almost gone and it will be by the end of the day. It was attacked by termites and didn't fair to well the several times it flooded . Guess I can consider my self lucky that the termites chose to attack the garage and not my house. I have trash strewn all over my yard I'm sure the neighbors love me .....but I guess they are putting up with it in hopes I'm raising their property values.Before Day 1 of Demo
After day 1 of demo
I ended up having the guys wrap the exterior exposed rafters with cedar. They wer too rotted to really salvage them. This looks so much better and it has to be a ton stronger now.


Anonymous said...

Hope you dont have my neighbors. I own the balcony/Revere Drummond on 78th and Roe and have been renovating for the last 6 months and the neighbors have called the city on us at least twice.

Love what you have done to yours! Saw it a couple of times when it was on the market in 2005 and thought the pool was a goner...

Unknown said...

I was driving by a couple of weeks ago, your house looks naked now!