Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Mid Century Road Trip

House by Isadore Shank

Last weekend I took a road trip to St. Louis to check out the exhibit on Eero Saarinan. I went with a few guys from KC Modern, we met up with my college buddy Grant, and Dan Semar who frequents the lotta living forums as STLModern. We checked out all the local mcm's and several gutt busting meals along the way. I'm amazed at how many cool houses there are in STL. Apparently they are getting torn down at an alarming rate for mcmansions, most of the houses we checked out are in the nicer parts of town on large lots. The exhibit is really nice and Saarinan doesn't get the due he deserves in history. Its amazing the amount of work he accomplished in the short time before his early death at the age of 51. The most interesting part of the exhibit was looking for tie ins to David Runnells the architect of my house. He worked for Saarinan and Ralph Rapson ( a frequent collaborator) and many of the early projects that Saarinan did while at Cranbrook he could have had a hand in. We didn't find any specific ties although many of the early drawings and projects are very similar to some slides we have of Runnells early work. More on that later.

Harris Armstrong's Studio

House by William Bernoudy
Dan's House showing of his new landscaping

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