Monday, April 21, 2008

Greening up the backyard

I don't have any pic's to share yet but I thought I would let you know that Jessica and I got a ton of plants in the backyard over the weekend. We are slowly getting it planted up. Its hard to pick what to put where especially before you see how each plant changes through the seasons. We got some really cool planters from CB2 so I'm currently looking for some plants to put in them. If you have any advice please let me know. The bamboo is growing we had four shoots come up over the weekend and they are all right together so I think we could have a bamboo explosion shortly.

Here is a pic of the planter from another blog. I really like the ferns and we may be doing that in our planters. I also like the Eero Aarnio puppy from CB2 as well. Jessica thinks I'm absolutely crazy and that its stupid. But I have the go ahead to buy one if it goes on sale.

I added another blog to the blogroll you should check them out. Blue Ant Studio

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tessarh said...

a topiary could be cool, or some native prairie grasses