Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've started the bed process. The design hasn't changed much I've changed a few little things here and there to make the construction more durable. I thought I would let you guys follow the process on the bed. First I took the rough stack of walnut I had and started planeing it down so that I could select the best stock for the bed. Seperating the good from the bad, and trying to pick pieces that look good together.

Next I jointed two edges to make the stock square and flat. Then it was back to the planer to thickness the lumber down to a uniform 3/4". So I'm now at the point where if I went out and bought the lumber from a hardwood lumber store like Schutte. So I spent about 15 hours processing the rough lumber down to smooth usable lumber. Its not glamourous work, and it doesn't make it feel like you achieved very much.

In that 15 hrs I produced 6 42 gal trash bags full of sawdust. I would typically use the sawdust as mulch but Walnut wood has something in it that makes it bad for plants.

I looked through a few of the comments from previous post. To answer a few of your questions Craig, whenever you want a dresser like Eric's let me know. I guess as a general note, If you see anything on the blog that I make and you like it, please let me know I would love to do some commissioned work for you. I think of myself as being reasonably priced, but I'm not Ikea. I will get finished pics of the record storage as soon as the client lets me know its ready. I'm as curious as you guys are.

Jessica and I have commissioned Cassie Lane to do a custom piece of art for our house. I found her through Etsy , believe it or not you can search for local artist. She has a blog and an etsy store. If you like her work and end up buying something please tell her I sent you, she might be a little more generous when she prices our custom piece.

It looks like our house is going to be a part of the KCModern home tour 2008. It looks like its going to be the first weekend in June, but nothing is set in stone yet. This is probably good news for blog readers because its going to force me to get a lot done between now and then. Nothing like a deadline to get an architect working.
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