Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No Progress

Well wedding season is here and we attended our first wedding last weekend, it was an awesome time. Definately made my top three weddings list. No progress to report on the house, other than alot of the plants we've put in have decided to really take off lately. Its amazing how quickly things grow, but I often wonder if they are growing fast or I'm just going about things to fast to notice. If you guys check the blog comments I had a couple of really neat things in there from the last post. First is the answer to my question about inexpensive bookmaking. Blurb is an awesomely inexpensive way to make a book. Now if I can just make the time to sit down and put one together, add that one to the list of projects for after the wedding. So if any of you guys get books from me for Christmas don't be surprised.

I also had a comment from Don Drummond's granddaughter, which is always a weird thing to hear from family from the man who built your house. You can check out Jenny's blog here she is also currently in the process of home building.

Last weekend was also the annual KCModern Drummond Stroll, I only caught the tail end of the tours and missed Mr. Drummond, but Jessica and I did get to snoop in a few houses that we haven't been in before. Maybe we will be on the tour one of these years, so a lot of you can check out the house. For those of you who picked up the business cards at the tours and are just checking out the blog for the first time, welcome, don't forget to check out that link on the sidebar that say vote for me (hint, hint). I always get a kick out of going back to the early post to see how things have changed. I also heard a rumor that a home near me may be going up for sale soon, I'll keep you posted on that one. Until next time.


Mindy Viamontes said...

Are you attending Chaz's wedding next weekend?

jerad said...

I'll be there with bells on.

Mindy Viamontes said...

I'll see you there. Any idea who else is coming?

Anonymous said...

Who's in your wedding?