Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Voting is now Open!

Okay the voting for the Remodel, Blog & Win blogging contest began today. So all of you who check this thing please take the time to log in and cast a vote for me. I still havn't had to many votes on the question of to paint or not to paint the garage. Let me know what you think, alot of you visit this thing everyday but I only hear comments when I don' t post for a month so come on. Especially if some of you visiting have a blog of your own, let me know I'll put up a link.

I know the info about me and our blog is incorrect. I'm working on getting that fixed. For those of you who are remodeling your own home or are just frequent diy'ers you should check out the remodelingmyspace website they have some pretty good tips and how to videos.


Anonymous said...

not to paint! lol

steve w

Anonymous said...

wow, i just visited your blog for the first time in months! the place looks amazing. i totally voted, and added a link from my blog.can't wait to see it.