Monday, April 30, 2007

First BBQ

This past friday, I invited a small group of friends over for the inagural bbq. We had a pretty good crowd show up, and I think everyone had a good time. I got a nice bottle of vino as a house warming gift which is always a good thing. I had a visitor come all the way from St. Louis, he's getting ready to close on his house you can check it out here . He took some nice pictures of the our house so if I get them, I'll post them for your viewing pleasure.

We are getting ready to start staining the fence this week. I have another poll for you guys. Should I stain the garage, to match the fence or paint the garage to match the house. Let me know asap because it will probably happen withing the next few days.
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Anonymous said...

did you already decide? i think stain the garage. that wood is so pretty! i stained BOTH of my parents decks last weekend...and now i think i might have to go to the chiropractor...can't wait to see it!