Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grass is slowly filling in.

As you can see the grass is slowly filling in. These pictures are from last weekend and its filled in quite a bit sense then. I may have to mow this weekend, don't worry I didn't miss mowing at all. Some of you may notice that the coral bark maple I planted in front didn't make it through the frost we had in March. So during my bi-weekly trip to the HD I noticed they had some really nice jap. maples on sale. So I made the purchase and after having my brother drive down to help me pick it up and get it planted it appears to be doing really well. Its a "Fireglow" Japanese Maple for those of you want to know.
The japanese maple around back survived the frost, and has come in nicely. I'll try to get some picks of the bamboo this weekend. The first sprouts I transplanted all died which I found out is normal. I found a really helpful forum if any of you have bamboo questions Just like they told me this week I have noticed several new smaller sprouts of bamboo, they are roughly the diameter of a pen. One of them has grown over a foot in the past four days. The fence and garage are going to be stained/painted starting this weekend. Since not to many of you commented on your recomendation I guess you will have to just wait and see what I do.
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