Monday, April 30, 2007

Moving Dirt

These pictures are from a two weeks ago. We got a load of dirt so that we could bring up the level of the dirt around the patio in back. I luckily had some help from Jessica, Steve, and Chris, or hauling all of that back there would have been even more of a chore.
I got the bamboo planted, and it has already started to grow. I've ordered a 60mil rhizome barrier over the Internet and it should be here any day now. So then I will have to dig a 24" deep trench around the bamboo, to try and contain it. The bamboo I ended up with is "Yellow Groove Bamboo" and it should reach a height of anywhere from 15' - 25' in height, I'm hoping it will stay around 15' and that the rhizome barrier will work. I took the new growths from a friends house so I'm not quite sure how it will look this year but everything I've read says in three years this thing will be at full size and really thick.
One of the culms starting to grow. This one grew about 6inches in the first week I had it planted. We actually got another type of bamboo for the other side of the yard. I'll post some pics of it once we get it planted.
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