Friday, April 20, 2007

I almost made it a month.

Well, I can't say that a lot has gone on in the past three weeks. I've been trying to get some grass to grow and trying to not let the cold weather kill my newly planted Japanese Maples. I did get the garage wired, and it passed the final inspection. I working on getting some landscaping done, and it looks like the weather is finally on my side. I'm helping the kcmodern crew build a deck this weekend so I'll try to add some pics to the blog next week. I also recently made a large tool purchase and bought about 700 sq.ft. of solid walnut. Its looking like I might actually have time to try and make some furniture. I figure I'm going to need something to take up my time now that the house is close to finished. I'll post pictures of the furniture projects as well, I may even sell some of them.

Oh, and I did decide to try the bamboo. So I guess the future owners of my house can go back to this post and curse me and my decision if it takes over my yard. More pics next week.

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