Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lots of tile

Well over Labor Day weekend I did what any person who was finishing a home would do, I ignored the beautiful weather and worked my tail off. Well 3 days later the bathroom is tiled, I still have morter on my hands and my dad is calling me pigpen (the character from Charlie Brown) from my amazing ability to get whatever I'm doing all over myself and everything else. I got some help from Tony on Saturday but by the time we figured out all of the various locations to start the tile we only got two walls done. That left me to finish the floor and other walls, along with the various shelves and such I'm including, because I've been informed that I can't do anything the easy way. I had help from my dad, mom, my brother, Doug, and Chris. Well the tile's all laid I was hoping to get it grouted this past weekend but that wasn't in the cards. The tiles don't photograph well, the best color shot is the last one that gives the most accurate depiction. The holes in the wall will be fitted with birch boxes to be used as shelves.

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