Friday, June 02, 2006


Well this post is dedicated to the Drummond Dinner/ Home Tour I invited you all to a few weeks ago. I found my favorite Drummond Home, its the Jones and Emmons designed Castillian. Shortly after I win the lottery it will be one of my first purcheses. The dinner on saturday night was a blast, about 100 people showed up including Don Drummond and his daughter. The KC Modern crowd is definately an eclectic bunch, but it sure makes for a fun evening. I met many other Drummond owners who live around me here in Prairie Village, Kansas and was suprised at the number of people who look at this blog.
Here is a photo of Don Drummond walking into the Castillian in the previous photo. He was full of good stories, his memory is amazing he wowed everyone by remembering details and stories from all of his homes. Somewhere around 200 people made the tours on sunday, thanks to all of the home owners who opened up their homes and let us in to take pictures. Thanks to the guys and gals that run KC Modern, you did a great job putting all of this together lets hope these tours continue.

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Jenny said...

Sorry, I'm just stumbling on your blog and now leaving my second comment (I hope you don't mind). I just wanted to say how excited both my mom and my grandfather were after returning from Kansas City last year. He had an absolute blast and has talked about it many, many times. Thank you very much to yourself and others who attended for making him feel so appreciated.