Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ask and You Shall receive!

Well Barrett since you shamed me into posting this is for you. I've been really busy lately, I've realized that it may seem like I'm making a lot of progress to some of you, but reality is setting in that I will be living in this house in whatever state it is in come July 15, 2006. At the time I realized this (May 17) I realized I had owned the house for 5 months almost to the day, but I only had about 2 months to finish. So the blogging stopped and the work began.

Since I last posted I've gotten quite a bit done. I've replaced all of the windows in the house with Allside Vinyl replacement Windows. Vinyl was not my first choice, but my checkbook helped pointed me in this direction. The windows made an enormous difference, being able to open all of the windows is a huge plus, not to mention I no longer have to worry about the glass falling out of the rotten sashes (it only happened once).
The windows were relatively easy to install, and I luckily only found one sill plate that needed to be replaced due to termites. I've gotten request to post some photos so people know what I look like (they obviously do not know me, they don't know the burden they are placing on the rest of you). I'm the determined one in the background, my dad is foreground, and as you can see we both have a big weakness for cookies, desert, food, beer, etc........

This is a photo of the sewer holding tank otherwise known as my pool. After draining, scrubbing, draining some more, scrubbing, patching, filling, draining, and more patching we decided the liner was not worthy so we removed it last weekend. The pool itself is not extremely glamorous or large but we decided to keep it. The walls of the pool are not concrete, they are wood which was a surprise a while back. The bottom of the pool is only made of sand, so we decided to get rid of the deep end (it was only 7'6" deep) by filling it with sand. The deep end will now be 5'3" deep allowing 1/3 of the pool to be reserved for people over 6' tall. I will post some pictures soon of the pool with the liner removed. I had to show this picture because it is taken just moments before one of the funniest moments to date on the restovation. That is Jessica (my fiance) and I cleaning the bottom of the pool. The holes in the liner allowed water to get under the liner making a giant water bed, so we had to drag the gunk out of the creases and hose it down to get it to pump out (the pump is setting between us in the puddle made by us). Jessica is a Nurse who works in the ICU of a local hospital she has enough blood and guts stories to make anyone lose their appetite. Just moments after this photo is taken I pulled a dead rat from the crease in the liner just a few feet in front of us. I immediately thought this was very funny because it was the climax of how filthy this pool was. Jessica however was not so impressed and proceeded to spray me with the hose as she tried to get out of the deep end of the pool while screaming.

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darin said...


What's up? Looks as if you are hard at work! I sent you an email last week at you Mac account. Did you get it or do you have another prefered email account?

Love the blog.