Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Its been two weeks since I last updated, I have received numerous death threats suggesting I post more frequently so here I am. I last posted asking for some advice on ceiling color, I went with the lighter of the two beams and I must say it looks great (my dad said that making two anonymous post was an easy way to get his pick). One of my dad's friends told us of a product that is supposedly an insulating paint additive. Since I have no insulation in the ceiling I thought it would be worth the $200 I spent on the additive if it worked at all. The product ( I chose goes on in two coats. The first coat is a radiant barrier, it has little chips of metal in it that once the water evaporates is supposed to become a barrier. It looks like aluminum foil when it goes on and when it dries it has a rubbery texture. The insuladd additive mixes into whatever paint color you choose. It makes the paint very thick but with a very heavy duty sprayer we where able to spray it. I will post some more conclusive results but the day of painting it was roughly 80 deg. outside and sunny. The surface temp. of my shingles reached 155 deg. around 2.00 p.m. The overhang of the house which has the same decking etc. had a temperature of around 90 deg. the inside ceiling after the insuladd had a temp. of 80 deg. I think a 10 deg. difference is significant and well worth the money.

Thanks to Doug Majors for doing the painting. He would be happy to do any painting you want. I like to think of him as the regional expert of insuladd paint additive.

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