Monday, February 06, 2006

Well here goes nothing!

I guess the best way to get this blog rolling is to show everyone the mess I got myself into. In the process of buying this house I got a lot of weird looks. I heard your nuts, your crazy, why in the world would you want this old run down thing, and that was all just from my family. I ignored everything I heard and just kept focused on what I thought house could become. I have always wanted to remodel a Modern home and I always hoped to live in one, well here I am 24, six months out of college and I came across the exact type of project I was looking for I just found it about 12 months earlier than I had planned. Well there is no turning back now, so here goes nothing.

I'll start this thing out by taking you around the exterior of the house in the condition in which I received it. This is the approach to the house, with the detached garage two the right. As you can see the front walk needs a lot of attention as well as the sunshade that defines the entry sequence.

The next picture shows a view of the detached garage and the house beyond. You have to appreciate the metal garage door that matches the pecky cypress siding. The house has been touched very little in its 50 years which was part of its appeal to me. However there are many things that now need work, my attempt is to tastefully restore this great home. I have no intention of trying to bring this house back to the way it was in 1951, my only hope is that the small interventions and work I put in to this house bring it into the 21st century while maintaining the beauty of Drummonds work and Runnells design.


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