Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Dumpster Later

This is a picture of the one spot of some wood rot I found. It is behind the bathtub in the bathroom. This is a view of were the bathtub used to be showing what the insulation looked like when I removed the tile and plywood. This wall of the tub had two layers of the same color tile. The floo in the bathroom was tile set in a thin layer of concrete with metal mesh reinforcing. The tile was not easy to remove but was a piece of cake compared to the cast iron tub. It was wedged in, so it ended up coming out in pieces. I am just lucky I have a 16 year old brother who likes to swing a sledgehammer.

The lowest level of paint in the middle bedroom was this yellow green. It is close to matching the color of the sliding panels between the kitchen and the living room. The VCT Tile I found underneath the carpet in the bedrooms was falling apart and had carpet glued over it in one bedroom.

A view of the kitchen/ dining after the walls and cabinets were removed. The wall at the back of the kitchen shows the color of the stain that was on the paneling. I don't know if that is the original color of the stain but I am assuming it was. This area of the house flooded a few times, so a lot of the framing was rotting in this lower level. I am removing all of the framing and going back w/ treated lumber. The kithen and dining rooms are going to be combined to open up the space.

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Anonymous said...

As a fan of homes like yours, I just want to thank you for taking it upon yourself to do such a thourogh job of restoring it. Also, thank you so much for letting us be onlookers into your process. I just found your blog through and am really enjoying it. Good luck.