Monday, February 06, 2006

Come on Inside

The interior of the house has had some work done to it. The fireplace is original and in good shape. The paneling on the walls is not the original paneling. With this picture you can see the openness of the plan. The hallway up above that leads to the bathroom and the bedrooms. You can see down into the dining and the kitchen when the panels are in their up position. You can see Runnells standard detail of 2 2x10's on 4ft. centers. The roof decking is visible, its 2x8 tongue and groove planks. The piece of stained glass outside the window in the screened-in porch was originally in the opening you see in the stair railing in the next picture.

The stair is original, the detailing on it is very nice. I believe the color of the stain on the stair was the original color of the paneling on the walls. A layer of wood paneling has been added over the original, the original layer of paneling has a layer of paint on it so it is hard to tell what the original finish was. The sliding panels make a big difference when they are up, for being such a small house the openness makes the spaces flow into one another to make them feel larger.

A couple of views of the dining room the way it was. The light that looks like stained glass in the picture is actually just lines drawn with a marker and the color is achieved by tissue paper. The Nelson Bubble lamp was left with the house, the Estate Sale women said she just couldn't remove it, it fit the house too well she said. You can see into the living room since the sliding panels are in their up position.

I don't know if the stained glass over the windows are original or not. They look really nice when the sun is shining outside. You can see one of the original built in light fixtures. It consists of a very simple piece of frosted glass that covers two simple bulbs that fit in the space between the 2x10's. Simple but effective. The ceiling finish is just a very simple dark stain, It makes the space feel very small.

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