Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Month Hiatus.

The past few months I've completely let this blog go. I am writing this post asking you my readers how I should proceed. The best I can tell my daily readers still check here daily. I find myself in a predicament on how to move forward. This blog started right around four years ago when I bought my first house, it started because I thought it would be fun to document my remodel. I had a blast and the best advice I can give to anyone who buys and remodels their first house is to blog about the adventure, looking back at your post is great. I have been at a crossroads on which way to take this blog for a while now (well probably for most of 2009 ). Our house has reached the dreaded point of 95% completion, some may say why only 95%. All homeowners can attest that there is always something to do and my architecture comrades can attest that we are somewhat of a perfectionist group. While I have several things on my list to redo / repair / add to our home project the projects are happening at a slower pace. So I am asking for your help could those of you who follow this blog please comment or email me with any tips / advice you have on how to move forward.

Here are a few ideas I have been tossing around in my head for the last month on how to keep posting regularly.
1. Stop posting on this blog, let it serve as a slice in time as my first home remodel start a new blog about my current work / life.
2. Say to hell with trying to keep the Drummond home blog about my house and just blog about what I'm working on / doing regardless of the topic.
3. Begin posting about other projects I find interesting across the country.
4. Buy another home to remodel and blog about it ( if you suggest this one please email for my address as I'll need some investors )

I'll update the list with any good suggestions. If I don't get any I guess nobody reads this anymore anyway and I'll quite worrying about going months between post.


Lesley said...

I say go for #2 and #3. Whatever you want it to be!

Stephen said...

I vote for option #2. I think that's a very natural continuation of what you've done on your own home. In a lot of ways, it has seemed like the experimentation lab for designs and techniques.

Joni Blake said...

Another vote for a combination of #2 & #3. I'd like to know what you're working on, what catches your eye as interesting, and/or what amuses you even if it's not related to your house.

troy. said...

I don't do the Google reader or RSS thing yet (gasp!!), so I still come to this page on a daily basis. My vote is a combo of #2 & #3. And b/c I understand the dilemma, I'm not opposed to #1, but just be sure and let us know where you "move to" if you do!

Also, I've been using this blog as a jump-page of sorts to a number of the links you feature in the sidebars.

Delia said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and always look forward to new posts. There is also option #5- come remodel my house and you can blog about it! However, if I have to choose between 1 and 4, then I vote for #2.