Friday, September 25, 2009

Eames Lounge Chair _ Complete.

I got the Eames chair put together for the tour. The cushions from Hume Modern are excellent and it feels just like a new chair. I spent many hours with 0000 steel wool and teak oil refinishing the old rosewood. Its amazing how many stains, paint splatters, and scratches that process removes. Here is a pic of the condition before the refinish, the wood was really dry and light along with several blemishes.
In typical fashion once it got crunch time to finish things up for the homes tour I forgot to take pictures. So no process pics on this post. Here are some shots of the chair assembled, and yes it is as comfortable as it looks.


Joe and Michele said...

Congratulations! It looks awesome and you have a great story to go with it.

Plastolux said...

Nice work! So all said and done would you do it again? Or would you just try and find a good deal on one that did not need a lot of TLC. How do you think the costs compare?