Monday, August 03, 2009

Eames Lounge Chair Cushions

Not a lot going on around here. This past week we refinanced the house and in the process are going to save ourself about 300 bucks a month. The article in the KC Star led to some interesting job interviews last week, if any of them pan out and turn into jobs you will be the first to know. Jessica and I are finally looking to locate the cushions for our Eames Lounge Chair. Not satisfied with the choices available we are currently watching Ebay for a set of used cushions to come up. I think we have decided to have the chair reappoulstered locally in possibly a fabric. Something a little different then the typical black leather. I'm also currently checking craigslist to upgrade my bbq smoker, I'm probably going to have to wait to find a deal or sell some furniture. Jessica isn't to keen on me spending a bunch of money on a smoker.

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Lesley said...

Hi! Is the leather on your Eames chair just beaten up? Or is destroyed? I'm actually refinishing a leather chair myself. Of course, I didn't know that you could refinish leather, but I learned otherwise. The local upholster nearby gave me a quote of $400 to refinish the leather in whatever color I wanted.

But, because the chair was cheap, and all my money is going to my house stuff, I bought a kit online for $50. I've only done the stripping & reconditioning of the leather so far...I haven't redyed it yet.

Not sure if that is helpful!

Lesley (