Monday, July 20, 2009

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Last week was a busy one. I've been working a bunch on a new website for Studio Build ( more on that soon ) and we decided to capitalize on the low interest rates and refinance our house. Having an appraiser stop by is a great excuse for a thorough cleaning so the place was all shined up. Our scheduled appraisal was at 2 pm on Friday with everything all ready to go our water heater decided to throw a wrench in our plans. About 4.30 on Thursday just as I was getting ready to walk out the door for a meeting Jessica asked me what that noise of running water was. I had no idea and as she walked through the kitchen she started yelling for me to come quick. I instantly knew what the culprit was. When we remodeled in full over budget mode we decided to reuse the old water heater, thinking we would eventually replace it when the time came. Well as I rushed to turn the water off and the gas as water was pouring out of our now exploded hot water heater I realized that time had come. Unfortunately we had to wait to tear into the project I didn't want the mess for the appraiser.
I had always planned on getting a tankless hot water heater and after a little research I realized that we had no choice. It seems they have increased the diameter of normal tanked water heaters in the last ten years so we did not have room to install one. So tankless it was. Being the diy / tightwad I am, I had planned on installing the unit myself. After some in depth research and price checking I realized this was probably a job left to a professional. I called Rieck Mechanical to do the install. They are great guys to deal with and even offered to come work late Friday night to get us hot water. I convinced them that it could wait until saturday, they are famous for late night installs. They have now installed these units on three of the nine Revere homes on the circle.
We went with an outdoor unit to free up even more space.

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Lesley said...

So glad to see your post...we've been hemming & hawing over our decision to go with a tankless. We couldn't get over how expensive it was with the installation. Good to hear about your decision. I love how it takes up so much less space, too!