Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Won a few Awards

Its been a long couple of weeks since I last blogged. Somewhere in there I took a long three day trip to Wichita to install some work. While there I worked a 12 hour day on my 28th Birthday, worked with an old college friend, and drove through a wicked thunderstorm pulling a trailor on the way home. The past month I've also been working a lot on building the Awards for KC Home Design's design excellence awards. After building 52 awards I was certainly burned out from peeling vinyl stickers. The exciting news is that we won two awards for our house! We won the Gold Award in the Outdoor Category and a Silver in Historic Preservation ( second to the great work done on the downtown AMC theatre) so while there was pressure to build a cool award it was cranked up a notch knowing I was building two for myself. John and his team at UMKC formulated and poured the concrete for the awards. I can't even begin to explain the special concrete used so check out John's concrete blog.

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Joni Blake said...

Hey--Congrats! This is great!