Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Follow Up and the Brookside Art Fair

The event Friday at Urbana went well, I don't know if we sold anything or not but we had a ton of people come through and it was a really fun evening. Check in to Studio Build for pics of the display in a few days. Jessica has been working her tail off in the yard the last couple of weeks on her days off. I've been too busy building furniture to offer a ton of help. The raised garden is finally taking shape. I was able to help Jessica add the compost, manure and dirt and till it in on Saturday. We are going to go shopping for vegtables today so we will follow up on that topic at a later date. Troy asked a few questions about the process on building the Ipe garden bed. When I mentioned wax and oil the Ipe I was referring to oiling the Ipe with a product called Penofin, it offers some protection to the wood to let it color and look hold up a little longer. The ends where waxed with a product called Anchorseal its a paint on wax that stops the ends of the Ipe from checking. The post are a different wood, the name excapes me I'll check on that.
In between furniture projects I was able to get in some edging next to the garage. The raised garden forced us to move some Peony's so we made a new garden bed next to the garage. It looks really nice and Jessica got all of the grass removed so we are ready to fill the rest of the bed with some more plants.
Jessica trimmed back the old Horsetail Reed and its new growth is amazing. I think it looks very prehistoric and I'm hopeing it gets a little taller than it did last year. I can see how it is known as invasive by the way it filled the planters.
Saturday night we made a trip to the Brookside Art Fair with our neighbors Eric and Elise. We were just going to wander around and look at stuff and wish we were rich enough to have a few extra thousand laying around to buy a painting or two. As we were walking through to last few booths on our way to the car we found an awesome artist making some really cool yard art. We purchased a couple of small pieces. First up is a piece from the gnome be gone series.

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Rog & Di Frizzelle said...

I just clicked on the new KC Modern website and saw this Drummond home that I recognized immediately. As a young girl I use to visit dad's construction sites almost daily. I am still amazed that there is so much interest in his homes, from what I can see you are really enjoying what you have. Thank you for keeping it so true to dad's original plan. I am very honored.

Diana Drummond Frizzelle