Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A weekend of Work

The garage improvement project is improving nicely. I spent the weekend working away, Lee came and helped me on Saturday and my neighbor Eric worked a long day with me on Sunday helping build some shelves. I had quite the pile of stuff in the driveway for a week and thankfully Monday was spent putting objects back in the shop and on the new shelves. Here are some pics and it still looks like a mess but believe me you didn't see this place before we started. Another day or two just cleaning and organizing and the place is going to look amazing.
This wall used to be full of some horribly crappy shelves from the previous owners garage. We tore the old shelves apart saved the salvaged wood and rebuilt two super sturdy shelves. I started organizing all my wood clamps, they have been in piles spread around the garage for a few years now.

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