Saturday, January 10, 2009

A week in the Garage.

I've decided to go ahead and get the garage situated the way I want in order to crank out some woodworking projects in the coming months. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the time while I'm slow with work other than use the pile of wood I have and the tools to make some cool furniture projects. This got me interested in finishing the garage the way I want before I get in the middle of another project. So last week I finished wiring the ceiling in preparation of sheetrocking and insulating the ceiling. I've been working today on a shop layout to enable Jessica to park her car in the garage some of the time. So a massive shop organization is underway to eliminate unwanted items and some much needed shelving is being built to organize all the tools I've accumulated in the past and to make way for a few new ones. I'll post more next week of the progress pics.

Here is a sketchup model of the finished shop layout. It will probably take me a long while to get it all built in like shown. But I wanted a plan for wiring etc. before I got started.

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