Friday, November 21, 2008

Studio Build is Officially Launched

Many of you know that over the past few months my work has taken a little turn. With the slowdown of the housing industry my workload at RDM Architecture dwindled. In August I took a voluntary month long leave to take a vacation to Montana and help my dad finish up a custom home he was building. Well one month quickly turned to four, I worked a few days for RDM but mainly I've been working for myself and for my dad doing construction. I've been absolutely swamped with work and I'm loving it. Last week I officially went to part time at RDM, basically its official that I'm not coming back full time there but we are going to continue to work together on a part time basis. I've drummed up some exciting projects over the past couple of months and have a line on a few more. So I'm writing to make the official web launch of Studio Build
I've started a little blog and a friend is helping me get a website up and going. This all started when I couldn't decide if I should post all the little furniture projects I was doing for other people on this blog, so the Studio Build blog was launched to document those projects. Obviously one thing led to another and those little side projects have turned into large projects on more of a full time basis. So check out the blog, I'll be updating it more frequently in the coming weeks as progress is made on the projects I'm currently working on.

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