Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally some more work on the house.

It seems like forever since I did a project for the house, well this past weekend I tackled a little project that I had been putting off ever since we moved in. Our downstairs bathroom always needed a little cabinet to help store the laundry soap etc. I have tried to document the build step by step so you can follow along. Another post will follow showing its completion.
Step one; buy a sheet of walnut plywood and a sheet of melamine from craigslist ( $75)
step two; rip the plywood to width on the table saw
step three; cut the shelves to length on the miter saw
step four; cut the dado's in the shelves for the sliding panels
step five; drill for pockethole screws
step six; start assembling the shelf
step seven; realize you screwed up and cut not enough shelves. repeat steps one through six for one more shelf.
step eight; unit is fully glued and screwed together

I will follow up with part II of the shelf project.

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