Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't Forget To Vote For Us

First a little public service announcement. If you guys havn't noticed we are getting our butts kicked in the blogging competition. So please vote if you have not voted please do so soon the competition ends in few days. If you have voted thanks, now hit up everyone else you know to vote please.

I'm working a way on the dresser for my neighbor Eric, well I'm working a little and he's working a lot. But here's a picture of th outer shelf put together and clamped so the glue can dry.

Here are the drawer fronts, they aren't finished or cut to size yet but you get the idea. The Red wood is African Paduak, its really cool. The other wood is Walnut, they make a striking combination that should look really cool when we get done. The goal is to have this thing done by Thanksgiving, we are right on pace to be completed. I don't know that the finish will be on it yet but we should be close.

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